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I work mainly on the potters wheel, working at home in my studio.  I am totally self taught - making many mistakes along the way, which  is useful when teaching, as most mistakes made by new ‘throwers’ I have made  myself and overcome.

The magic of clay as it rises from a lump to form a piece of functional pottery still gives me a thrill every time, I am truly addicted and when I am in the studio time just disappears. Fortunately Alan is a very understanding husband and continues to do the cooking!

I have a section for our pictures and a page for my Open Studio over the period 11 June to 26 June (inclusive) see ‘Open Studio’.  

If you would like to contact me about anything on my website or to commission a piece you can contact me through my email:


I am also on facebook, Instagram

and have my own Etsy shop:              

or you can phone me on 01252 724968

 Janet Gale - potter